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Caroline Armijo

Ya'teeh! (Hello in Navajo) and welcome to TalaSoap!


My name is Caroline Armijo and I am Navajo, originally from Dennehotso, Arizona, currently residing in the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico. I am of the Zuni Edgewater Clan, Tábąąhá, and born for the Folded Arms People or Bít'ahnii. I grew up in the arid desert, and sandstone canyons among natural plants and herbs. My parents, John (late father) and Zonnie Jones, are medicinal herbalists and they taught us the value, healing, and life of plants. Soap making has allowed me to incorporate their teachings and share my knowledge of healing your body through natural holistic remedies and aromatherapy.

The name TalaSoap is derived from a combination of the Navajo word for soap "Talawoosh" and the English word.

I hope you enjoy my products and come away with a better sense of being. As my late father used to say, "When I do become part of this earth, I would sustain life as a healing herb within the sacred mountains." This is the whole perspective behind TalaSoap. As always, "May you all walk in beauty."



TalaSoap utilizes the natural ingredients of Mother Earth. As such, the logo represents some of the natural elements of Mother Earth including the sun, clouds, water, mountains and lightning. The clouds and water are also representative of the bubbles that TalaSoap products love to create. 


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