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Yucca (Tsa' a'szi) Shampoo Bar

Made with lye, distilled water, coconut oil, palm oil,  yucca, lemon essential oil, and coconut milk.  Yucca(tsa'a'szi) is a natural shampoo used by various tribes of the Southwest. It contains saponin which creates the foaminess in the shampoo to clean and clarifies the hair at the same time. This soap is in floral forms, weighs about 3.2 oz. It can last up to 45-50 shampoos.

Yucca (Tsa' a'szi) Shampoo Bar



    All ingredients used in our handcrafted products are listed. Read ingredient list carefully as some ingredients may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. The maker/seller of this soap is not responsible in the case of allergic or other reactions. Due to the personal nature of our products we do not do returns, refunds, or exchanges of any kind.

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